The basis of ALMI’s mission is the need for financing and business development that is complementary to the market, where ALMI is the channel for investment based on an industrial policy that promotes economic growth. ALMI’s task is to promote the development of competitive small and medium-sized businesses as well as to stimulate new enterprise with the aim of creating growth and innovation in Swedish business life. Its activity covers the whole process from idea to profitable business.


Expressiva is a text agency. We help you make your texts better. We know the importance of reaching the right people, with the right information and the right arguments, all delivered in the right tone of voice. You need to make sure your readers have everything they need to do what you want them to do – buy your product, contact you, and so on. Entrepreneurship and innovation are concepts we hold close to our heart, and through our sponsorship of Idea to Product, Expressiva hope to contribute to your products reaching the right people.




Active corporate legal advice with business focus As one of the first law firms in Sweden, Wistrand has acquired formidable expertise in business law. We provide legal solutions for the public and private sectors. We now have more than 170 employees in offices in Sweden, Gothenburg and Malmö. Our well-established international networks enable us to provide expert advice in most of the industrialized world.




Studentcompetitions.com was founded by four Swedish students who were tired of spending hours searching the web to find the world’s best competitions. Today, Studentcompetitions.com is the student’s premiere source for information about global competitions and events. More and more companies and organizations have discovered what powerful tools competitions are to communicate with the students. Competitions are engaging, fun and educational and challenges students to perform their best.


MamutMedia was created in the year 2008 with the sole purpose of providing content to all of its clients. MamutMedia firmly believes that fast and quality content coupled with amazing graphics to create a valuable web property. We have been providing numerous content on every possible niche or topic for the many clients that have enlisted our services. Our articles have been published on numerous websites, ezine articles, newsletters, and all kinds other forms of publication, both online and offline.




Excitera is the student-driven, non-profit entrepreneurship association in Sweden, Sweden. We want to create an interest in entrepreneurial activities and the commercialization of research results, and to connect students, academic researchers and people from the industry. The association has four independent projects and the easiest way to take part in our activities is to visit the events that we arrange.