Competition Format

The I2P Sweden competition will feature the same three themed tracks as in the global competition:

–        ICT
–        Energy
–        Life Science.

These tracks will run in parallel during the competition. In each track, up to 5 teams will compete. There will be three sets of judges evaluating the teams, one in each track. The team that has been evaluated the highest out of all tracks will be selected to represent Sweden in the I2P® Global Championships.

Each team will present their innovation in 10-minute presentations to a panel of judges. The judges will then have an opportunity to ask questions for up to 15 minutes. Questions may be asked by the judges only. With about 5 minutes for transition, each team will have a 30-minute session. After the presentations, the judges will adjourn to the Judges Room to deliberate the award for the I2P® Sweden competition.

Because feedback and education are important parts of the I2P® program, the network reception will be continued after the award ceremony to include time for judge’s feedback. Only verbal feedback will be given.