I2P Sweden

Due to success of I2P® Sweden in 2011, the regional competition has now been upgraded to I2P® Sweden.

The I2P Sweden competition will host its first annual event in 2012, in which students from universities all over Sweden are invited to participate to compete in commercialization of innovation.

In participating in the competition, student groups present assessments of their technology-based products or services.  The entries should be unique and innovative, be feasible to implement, address an identified market need, and they must have an underlying technology component.  Teams are encouraged to focus on the benefits of their technology and its associated market potential, rather than the technical features.  The teams compete for a seat in the global final – Idea to Product® Global – where they get to represent Sweden.

In as far as possible, I2P® Sweden will be similar to the global competition. 15 participating teams will be divided into the three tracks ICT, Energy and Life Science. The competition is open to students of all academic levels, Bachelor to Ph.D., who have created new value based on emerging technology.

The competition will take place on Friday October 5 2012 at KTH, hosted by the Department of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK).

As with the global competition, the event has many goals:

  • To educate the participating students. The success of the I2P® program is based on the success of the students and their ability to commercialize innovation.
  • To facilitate the networking and knowledge sharing between Sweden’s top universities and its institutions, and between these schools and the specialist competencies provided by the judges.
  • To fill the gap between university research and business plan competitions.
  • To attract the best teams to compete and hence improve the chances of Sweden winning a global Championship in I2P® Global.