VINNOVA develops Sweden’s innovation capacity for sustainable growth.

VINNOVA, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, is Sweden’s innovation agency. Our aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swedish researchers and companies.

Our task is to promote sustainable growth in Sweden by funding needs-driven research and the development of effective innovation systems. To this end, we have 220 million euro to invest in new and ongoing projects each year. VINNOVA generally requires co-financing of all projects, which doubles the annual investments to around 440 million euro.

Funding decisions are made following public calls for proposals under VINNOVA’s programmes. Decisions are based on expert assessments and the suggestions of programme councils skilled in research, business and the public sector.

An important part of CINNOVA’s activities of increasing the cooperation between companies, universities, research institutes and other organisations in the Swedish innovation system. We do this in a number of ways, including long-term investment in strong research and innovation milieus, investment in projects to increase commercialisation of research results and by creating catalytic meeting places in the form of conferences and seminars.

All programmes are continuously followed-up and evaluated at their conculsion. Regular impact analyses are carried out in order to understand and learn from the long-term impacts of VINNOVA’s efforts.

VINNOVA is a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications and the national contact agency for the EU Framework Programme for R&D. Some 200 people work at VINNOVA’s offices in Stockholm and Brussels. VINNOVA was established in January 2001.


EIT KIC InnoEnergy

InnoEnergy is committed to developing ideas and people, and to creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to make Europe a global leader in sustainable energy.

InnoEnergy Sweden’s mission is to develop prerequisites, technology, and services for Smart Grids and achieve a breakthrough in
Electric Energy Storage. Sweden already has an extensive partnership working with Smart Grids, excellence in ICT, and a unique capacity to develop innovations and companies in the electric power sector.

InnoEnergy Sweden is a unique partnership between KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, ABB, and Vattenfall. Associated and network partners currently include Elforsk, Ericsson, Fortum, Logica, Nova Högskolecentrum, Power Circle, Seabased, SciencePartner, Sting, STRI, Svenska Kraftnät and Technion.
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Hosts I2P Global 2012

KTH, Institution of Industrial Economics and Management KTH

KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology) is responsible for one third of Sweden’s capacity for technical research and is the country’s largest organizer of technical/engineering education at university level. KTH education and research covers a broad spectrum – from natural sciences to all branches of engineering plus architecture, industrial economics, urban planning, work science and environmental technology. In addition to the research underway at KTH schools there are a large number of national and local competence centers located at KTH, as well as research programs financed by various research foundations.

KTH offers degree courses in architecture, masters of science in engineering, bachelors of science in engineering, bachelors degree, masters degrees (one or two years), licentiate or doctoral degrees. There is also a technical preparatory course and further education activities. KTH has a total of 13,300 full year students at first and second levels, over 1,500 active research students and 3,900 employees.

KTH was founded in 1827 and since 1917 has been located at its current site, in a beautiful location with buildings that are now listed as of historical importance at Norra Djurgården in central Stockholm. Today, KTH is also located on several different campuses around Stockholm.

KTH carries out extensive international research and educational exchange with universities and university colleges primarily in Europe, USA and Australia as well as in Asian countries. KTH participates actively in the various EU research programs. Projects together with Swedish and international development cooperation agencies are also underway.

While the Royal Institute of Technology has a long history of entrepreneurship and innovation management, it was not until the January 2011, that the Institute of Industrial Management created the division – Business Development and Entrepreneurship with Associate Professor Terrence E. Brown as its head. The focus of the division is – Value creation through the creation and commercialization of innovation through existing enterprises and new ventures.  The division is engaged with teaching with the courses given among the school’s most popular. Additionally, the division is involved in two major research projects – one related to the means, methods and modes of research commercialization and the second, related to management, organizational and administrative innovations within Swedish industry. The division has a long deep relationship to the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, where KTH is one of the parent institutions.


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