Submission Guidelines

Please read further for detailed information regarding the First Round Submission and the 5 Page Report:

First Round Submission

Teams enter the competition by submitting a 1 to 2 page document no later than October 1,  containing answers to a series of questions covering their technology, the best market for initial commercialization and the basic intellectual property aspects of their project.

Five Page Report

By October 25, participating teams submit a 5 Page Written Report (maximum of 5 pages, less preferred).  This summary is not considered in the judging, but it does help the judges prepare for the presentations.  The summary is also a valuable exercise for the teams, as it contains all of the major points that should be included in the presentation. The link below connects to a PDF file that contains the questions and instructions for completing the 5-page summary.

A panel of judges will review the 5-page summaries prior to the competition in order to better acquaint themselves with the technologies.