Competition Format

The I2P® Global Competition will feature three stages:

  1. themed feedback rounds
  2. themed championship rounds
  3. technology showcase and networking session.

All participating teams will be divided into the three themed tracks for the feedback and championship rounds:

–        ICT
–        Energy
–        Bio-Life Sciences

These tracks will run in parallel during the competition, both during the feedback rounds and the Championships.

Each team will present their innovations in 10-minute presentations to panels of judges. The judges will then have an opportunity to ask questions for up to 15 minutes. Questions may be asked by the judges only. With about 5 minutes for transition, each team will have a 30-minute session. After the championship rounds the judges will adjourn to the Judges Room to deliberate the awards for their session.


1. Feedback rounds

The feedback rounds will take place on Friday November 16. They will provide each team an opportunity to learn from a live presentation.  The feedback judges have been selected to fill a dual role.  They will ask questions related to the judging criteria and also provide suggestions for how the team can improve the concepts of their innovation and their presentation.  Based on the observation of previous competitions, the improvement in team presentations after the feedback session is often very extensive.  Teams during the previous I2P® Global Competitions reported spending an average of 6 hours and as many as 12 hours refining their presentations after the feedback sessions.

2. Championship rounds

As in I2P® Global 2010 and 2011, this year the competition will again feature three championship rounds organized into tracks: ICT, Energy and Bio-Life Science. There will be a new set of judges evaluating the teams for the championship rounds and cash awards will be presented for first, second, and third place in each championship track. The championship rounds will take place on Saturday, November 17.

3. Technology showcase and networking session

On Saturday, November 17, the technology showcase and networking session will follow the championship rounds. Students can showcase their technologies in various formats: a poster, a prototype, or a video demonstration. This gives students a chance to socialize with other students, judges and advisors while presenting and learning about all of the competing technologies.  An award will be given for the best showcase.