I2P Global

Idea to Product® Global is a competition in commercialization of research aiming to fill the gap between university research and business plan competitions. Founded in 2002 by the VP of Research at University of Texas (UT) at Austin, the global competition has run for 9 consecutive years. Each year at least one team has gone on to business plan competitions, to receive additional research funding, or to create a new company.

This year we aim to repeat the success of the I2P® Global that took place in Stockholm last year. It was then the first time that the competition was held outside of Austin, Texas. As last year, the event will once again be held at KTH during the global week of entrepreneurship, on November 15-17.

15 teams will be competing in 3 parallel championships: ICT, Energy and Life Science. In each team, students will have created new value based on emerging technology.

During this three day event, the main goal is to educate the competing teams of students, ranging from Bachelor to Ph.D. levels. The success of the I2P® program is based on the success of the students and their ability to commercialize research. There are also a number of important secondary goals of the competition:

  • To promote Sweden, Stockholm and KTH as a center of research.
  • To facilitate the international networking and knowledge sharing between top universities, and between these schools and the specialist competencies provided by the judges.
  • To fill the gap between university research and business plan competitions